Amy Sophiella - Jewelry

Artisan Creations for Body and Soul!

There Amy Sophiella.jpgis a story of creation behind Journey Gems based in healing, growth, expansion, teaching, balance, love and so much more! From a desire to heal my own space and my own life, I rediscovered my love for crystals and their healing powers. Since childhood, I have been picking up stones and playing with rocks. With perfect synchronicity, I discovered my natural affinity for playing with fire and all sorts of tools to birth my beautiful metal creations! Marrying the two together brings me such joy and I am so lucky to be able to share my creativity, love of all things holistic and interest in energy and the way it plays in the world through my artisan creations to truly empower my journey and yours!

All of my creations are cleared using ancient and modern energy techniques to remove all lower and harmful vibrations and to raise the pieces to their highest energetic state. Each piece has a unique vibration and offers its wonderful energy to the world. They are intended to empower your journey every step of the way and all are infused with love, light and joy.

Everything is energy, it is how you choose to experience it that makes it interesting!

No leather or suede is ever used in any Journey Gems. This is an animal loving company! Woven cotton, linen and hemp, as well as copper, brass, sterling, fine silver and 14k gold fill go into my beautiful creations. Our hand dyed silk wraps are fashioned with silk with love!

Thank you for sharing the love and joy of Journey Gems... With love and light...~ Amy