Arlene Fins - Jewelry


Arlene Fins has an extensive background and education in the arts, including a long career as a graphic artist/illustrator and a B.A. in Theater Arts/Music. These inform and influence her work. Her characters begin with the model and some clay, but they come to life through Arlene’s talent at capturing human moments.

Arlene’s interest in sculpture began some years ago on a New England beach when she started sculpting people in the sand, just having fun, losing all sense of time, and attracting a crowd. This first exploration with art in three dimensions, and the pure enjoyment of it, led her to take classes at the DeCordova Museum; and she has never looked back. She's gone on to study with world-class teachers, exhibit in galleries, win juried competitions, and teach.

Arlene sculpts to express something of the human condition, to capture and make three-dimensional a moment of emotion and character. Exploring the human form, proportion, and energy is how she finds the right gesture, tilt of the head, or facial expression that will reveal what person the sculpture was meant to be.

Now, Arlene compliments her art with hand ‘sculpted’ jewelry using wire wrap and genuine stones; and has recently added metalsmithing to her jewelry creations.  Each piece is unique and tells its own story.