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Colleen Attara - Recycled Art


I am a story teller.

I tell my stories through torn photographs, paint, thread and words.

I tear pictures in half, change the composition, and stitch them back together. I sew in my words and all the little bits and pieces that fall to the side of my studio desk or below it. Then I add paint and some vintage finds and let the colorful threads fall where they may.

Usually at a show, someone will pick up one of my prints and start to cry, because my stories are their stories. And I hope my stories are your stories too.

I am an affirmation maker.

I script words and affirmations from salvaged materials that become a part of a person’s personal journey. They come in different sizes and materials. Words are so powerful.

I want every child to wake up and see "I am strong, brave and enough" on their wall when they open their eyes each morning. Imagine what our world would be like.

I plant magic gardens.

I turn salvaged plastics and signage into flower box gardens that need no water or sun to bloom, and create art installations in healing places. I am passionate about recycling and keeping plastics out of our oceans and landfills, but my favorite part is finding beauty where no one saw it before. And I love to teach others to see beauty too, especially inside themselves.

I know art heals...