Crealm- Jewelry

My name is Tanya Cherepova. I am a studio jewelry designer and silversmith, state juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.

My design company is named “CREALM,” which stands for Creative Realm.

I make jewelry for people who want to look and feel different. I help my customers express their individualities through a wearable piece of art. This philosophy finds its reflection in my motto “Always Different!” and my one-of-a-kind designs.

I received both formal (Master’s) and informal training, taking classes from instructors educated in the US, Italy and Australia. An avid international traveler, I draw my inspiration from diverse cultures around the world. A portfolio of 3000+ original designs is a result of innate creativity, acquired trade skills and hard work.

I utilize a variety of ideas, techniques and materials to make my jewelry impressive and desirable. Working primarily in gold, sterling or combination of these metals, I also incorporate in my designs semiprecious stones and organic materials - pearls, corals and amber – and various found objects.

Welcome to my world of Creative Realm! I hope you enjoy my creations.

Have fun!