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Etched. - Heirloom Jewelry

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To know Teah is to understand that she leads with her big heart and her business savvy. A dog-saving, warm, can-do artist, Teah started her first company, Anchor Me, while teaching second grade. Anchor Me came into being because Teah wanted to show her near and dear loved ones how she felt, and celebrate their grounding presence in her days. Once her original creations graced the wrists of her soulmates, the demand rose like the tide and Anchor Me blossomed.  

Then, moved to memorialize her father's words to her on a milestone birthday, Teah started Etched., making jewelry with actual handwriting and meaningful personal doodles was a logical next step for this jewelry designer, as an investment-piece cousin to the Anchor Me lines. The stories that rush in from those who own Etched. sterling pieces prove that Teah's sappiness is shared and appreciated by many.  

Unable to stop herself, next came ChainLane. A metal product forged to solve the problem of tangled necklaces, ChainLane will soon be a household word in jewelry-lovers' homes the world over. 

When she is not making her dreams come true, adorning her fans with her latest idea, or strengthening the bonds between those who use her creations to express their love, Teah may be found sipping a stout on an airplane heading out on an adventure with pals, snuggling with her husband, playing her guitar, lifting something heavy at the gym or laughing with her very own anchors.