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Iamtra - Mantra Jewelry and more!

iamtra1.jpgI was up to my eyeballs in the delicious and demanding experiences of being a mother, wife, and art festival producer when, in the winter of 2012, the life I envisioned came into focus. Working with my health coach, I started to work out and eat more healthily, and kept my intentions for myself present in my mind. Among other changes, I needed to drink more water. In a "eureka" moment, it occurred to me to combine the concepts of hydration and life design, and write my intentions for my life on my water bottle! Everywhere I went my water bottle went with me -- so I always had my intentions or mantras in view, and I always had water at my fingertips. I still do this today, and the life I envisioned has materialized. IamTra products (water bottles, cups, tea, magnets, beads, family table water bottle, etc.) are tools that I use in my daily life for healthy living, inside and out. I have found that if you stay focused on who you want to be and what you want from your life, it will happen!