Dear friends of noa:

It is with a sad, sad heart, that I announce noa will be closing when our lease is up at the end of January 2019.  Everyone who has supported and encouraged us and our New England artisans over the last three years has been amazing.  We have felt the love.   I have cherished every moment of this journey; and I THANK YOU for sharing these years with us.

Starting immediately, the entire store will be 20% off (30% off holiday items); and display fixtures/furniture will also be available.  Please stop in for some good deals and for us to bid you a fond farewell (note--we will be closed on Sundays in January). West Concord is a wonderful place, and I hope that you continue to support this growing community.


Wishing you all the best, and with gratitude,

Karen Currie

noa Designs, LLC


If, by chance, you know of anyone who might sincerely be interested in continuing the noalegacy, please have them contact me as soon as possible at or via a private FB message to @noagiftsconcord.

Pat Brazill - Jewelry

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Basically, I’m a chain maker. I became enchanted with chain maille in 2006, when I first came across this unique style of jewelry. Chain maille is made from combining rings together in various patterns.  Over the past decade I’ve developed a line of beautiful, well-made jewelry based on a repertoire of historic chain maille designs. In 2011, I married my art and business backgrounds together and started a full time chain maille jewelry business.

I believe what makes my chain maille unique is that my work tends to be classical and traditional in nature, even conservative. I make all my jewelry myself, and I work almost exclusively in sterling silver or sterling silver & gold or gold-fill combinations.

In our industrialized & tech savvy world, making chain maille jewelry seems almost archaic, and that’s part of its appeals for me. Making maille is an ancient hand process requiring nothing more than two pliers that are used to weave metal rings together in patterns that have been found in Japan, China, Persia, Europe and other countries. 

My goal is to harness the power of repeating patterns and celebrate the beauty of these wonderful chain designs we've held onto from the distant past.